American Gun Laws & Why I’m A Pacifist

Trump has stated that in order to prevent mass shootings, he would like to arm more citizens.

The percentage of households with privately owned firearms in the U.S., based on national surveys distributed in 2016, is estimated to be around 36% to 49%. With Trump in presidency, and already having signed a bill to revoke Obama’s gun check for people with mental illness, this percentage is very likely to increase.

Just today two reports of gun mortality have been announced. Two people were killed in a murder-suicide school shooting, with police having stated that they believe the teacher killed was known to the gunman, who shot himself shortly after. In the process, two students were fatally wounded. In Chicago, a father and son exchanged bullets over a dog-walking dispute that ended with the son pronounced dead at the hospital he was taken to, and the father in critical condition.

Time and time again we have seen mass shootings make headlines in the U.S.

50 killed, 53 injured in Orlando, Fla. (June 2016)

14 killed, 22 injured in San Bernardino, Cali. (Dec 2015)

3 killed, 9 injured in Colorado Springs, Colo. (Nov 2015)

9 killed, 9 injured in Roseburg, Ore. (Oct 2015)

5 killed, 3 injured in Chattanooga, Tenn. (July 2015)

The list goes on.

Trump has stated that in order to prevent mass shootings, he would like to arm more citizens. The sheer contradiction of that statement alone doesn’t need commenting on. The right to bare arms is written in the American Constitution, it’s built bone-deep into American society. Many politicians are even funded by the National Rifle Association.

The Global Peace Index indicates Denmark, Austria, Portugal and New Zealand as being in the top 5. They each have restrictive laws on gun ownership, directing resulting in far fewer firearm-related deaths.

Firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population per year:

Denmark 1.28 (2011)
Austria 2.63 (2011)
Portugal 1.58 (mixed years)
New Zealand 1.07 (mixed years)
United States 10.54 (2014)

In Denmark, a person must take a written multiple choice test and a practical test to acquire a hunting licence. If the tests are passed, police must determine if the person is fit enough to receive the licence. You even require a permit to keep edged weapons in the home. Similarly, self-defence is not a legal reason for owning guns in Portugal and New Zealand.

I am a pacifist because countries like Denmark, Austria, Portugal and New Zealand have proved that we don’t need guns to settle quarrels.

I am a pacifist because the number of guns surpasses the population of people in America.

I am a pacifist because war and violence is not the answer and humankind should have realised that by now.

Author: Leandro Henriques

A pocket-sized Gemini with a lot to say.

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