Amanda Knox’s Ex-Boyfriend Suing Italian Authorities For “Mistakes”

“What fascinates me is why they keep going on about it. They’ve been let free – so why keep going on? It’s bizarre.”

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were convicted and cleared twice by Italian authorities for the murder of Meredith Kercher, Knox’s flatmate, in a drawn-out legal battle that spanned almost a decade and left them incarcerated for 4 years. They were definitively exonerated by the Italian Supreme Court of all charges in 2015 and Rudy Guede was eventually convicted for the sexual assault and murder of Meredith Kercher in a 16-year sentence.

Years later, Sollecito states that he believes Knox has found it easier to move on as a freelance journalist. “She is American and she lives in another state… I’m in Italy, everything occurred over here and I’m Italian and that makes a big difference.” He also claims that the tragedy has destroyed his life.

John Kercher, father of Meredith Kercher – the deceased – states, “What fascinates me is why they keep going on about it. They’ve been let free – so why keep going on? It’s bizarre.”

Sollecito says he is in €440,000 worth of debt and is attempting to sue the Italian authorities for maximum compensation over ruining his reputation, as many in Italy still believe him to be guilty. While the Italian court has rejected his compensation claim, acknowledging his unjust imprisonment but due to his contradictory or “frankly untrue” statements at the beginning of the investigation which constituted “intent or gross negligence” they have ruled out his right to compensation. Ms. Giulia Bongiorno, Sollecito’s lawyer, plans to appeal the decision at the supreme court arguing that the court failed to consider Mr. Sollecito was under duress while giving the contradictory statements.

Meanwhile, on the two year anniversary of her exoneration Knox tweeted: “2 years ago today, the Italian Supreme Court found @Raffasolaries & me definitively innocent. Thank you to all who defended us along the way.”

Sollecito and Knox have both written books about their experiences and are both featured in the Netflix documentary “Amanda Knox” that goes through the lengthy case from start-to-finish. Meredith Kercher’s sister, Stephanie, criticises the documentary for being “unnecessary” in its graphic content and says that neither her nor her family have, or will, watch it. “If it was a program about what actually happened,” She states, “If they were investigating all the possibilities and looking at everything that happened, that might be different, but from what I can gather it is mainly a documentary about Amanda Knox’s experience and it didn’t answer lots of the nagging questions people have.” She goes on to explain, “And there’s still many questions that these documentaries fail to address, key questions the producers avoid including… The fact remains that the court found Rudy Guede guilty of the murder but in the final decision, one of the things the court reiterated, was the fact he didn’t act alone.”

Sollecito has, additionally, begun writing a second book which is in the works to be published.

Author: Leandro Henriques

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