American Gun Laws & Why I’m A Pacifist

Trump has stated that in order to prevent mass shootings, he would like to arm more citizens.

The percentage of households with privately owned firearms in the U.S., based on national surveys distributed in 2016, is estimated to be around 36% to 49%. With Trump in presidency, and already having signed a bill to revoke Obama’s gun check for people with mental illness, this percentage is very likely to increase. Continue reading “American Gun Laws & Why I’m A Pacifist”

13 Reasons Why – Netflix Review (SPOILERS)

“It is very likely that there are, and unfortunately will continue to be, Hannah Bakers living through harassment and abuse. Similarly, it is also very likely that not far behind them are Bryce Walkers, Justin Foleys, Jessica Davises, Alex Standalls.”

Adapted from Jay Asher’s novel of the same name, 13 Reasons Why is a much-needed fresh spin on the over-saturated teen drama genre. Centred on the suicide of Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford, Clay Jensen, her classmate, co-worker and longtime crush, portrayed by Dylan Minnette, embarks on a slow-burn journey to discover her truth through pre-recorded cassette tapes she leaves him. Continue reading “13 Reasons Why – Netflix Review (SPOILERS)”