Interview with Karen M. McManus, Author of “One of Us Is Lying”

Described as “The Breakfast Club” meets “Pretty Little Liars”, Karen M. McManus’s debut book has exploded internationally as one of the best YA mystery thrillers in 2017. The New York Bestseller focuses on four students who find themselves at the forefront of a murder investigation when their classmate dies inexplicably in detention. McManus briefly discusses the inspiration behind One of Us Is Lying, the E! adaptation of her book and different reader reactions to the poignant storylines of some of her characters.

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Dear Dominic Sherwood

Hi, it’s me. One of the millions of LGBTQ+ fans who used to support you. I’m here to attempt to educate you and your remaining fans – in as minimal a condescending tone as I can muster through my angry typing – why an apology from you simply isn’t good enough. Continue reading “Dear Dominic Sherwood”