Christopher Zeischegg’s “The Wolves That Live In Skin And Space” & “Come To My Brother” | Booktalk |

Christopher Zeischegg is a writer, musician and filmmaker who spent eight years in the adult film industry under the name “Danny Wylde“. Upon contacting him in hope that I would be able to interview him, he was kind enough to send me his two books – The Wolves That Live In Skin and Space and Come To My Brother.

I read The Wolves That Live In Skin and Space first, wanting to garner a sense of Christopher’s life as I had read that it was semi-autobiographical. He draws upon many elements of his life throughout his work, interspersing some fictitious moments for the sake of the story, but the result is a very human novel. The same goes for his other book Come to my Brother. In examining our psychosexual patterns – be it through the lens of a burned-out porn star who acts as a conduit for our fantasy or that of a tortured boy who is turned into a vampire by his long-lost love – the same undercurrent of intimacy and closeness is brought up to a microscope. It’s not always through rose-tinted glasses that Christopher depicts these relationships, some of them are very toxic and damaging, but in creating these slice-of-life characters and their interactions we’re left with raw emotions that are honest, vulnerable and fascinatingly real. Continue reading “Christopher Zeischegg’s “The Wolves That Live In Skin And Space” & “Come To My Brother” | Booktalk |”


Interview with Wesley Woods, Gay Adult Film Star & Comedian

I think it’s easy to feel you aren’t enough in some capacity – I’m currently working on self care and quietening the voices in my head that say otherwise. Porn has liberated me from some of those insecurities.

Sexuality, pornography and masturbation are all extremely tight-lipped subjects of taboo in many places. Restriction of openness about these topics can cause adults to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or ashamed about their sexuality – in an attempt to debunk the social stigma surrounding human sexuality I reached out to Wesley Woods, the 2017 Grabby Awards Performer of the Year.

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