Sterek: The Teen Wolf Shipping Phenomenon (ft. Shippers Guide To The Galaxy)

This is written in collaboration with Shippers Guide To The Galaxy, a brilliant YouTuber who analyses shipping and fan culture on her channel. The video is embedded below!


When it comes to television shows the phenomenon known as shipping is no new thing. Pairing characters together as a practice has gone on in this medium since the 60s. However, there are some pairings that become so large they become part of the fandom landscape and it appears that Sterek shall be one such pairing. Sterek comes to us from the world of Teen Wolf a teen drama show loosely inspired by, but not based on, the 80s dramedy of the same name and the show contains various allusions to that source material. This show has actually become far more known for its shipping and fan culture as well as its social media presence rather than any clever throwback references. Continue reading “Sterek: The Teen Wolf Shipping Phenomenon (ft. Shippers Guide To The Galaxy)”

Sweet/Vicious: A Show Directly Criticising Rape Culture In American Colleges

Jules: I know how to do things most people don’t. There is stuff happening out there and no one is doing anything about it. People are just getting away with awful things. I’m trying to make some of that right.

Ophelia: That’s the plot of Batman.

Having already axed female-led comedies Loosely Exactly Nicole and Mary + Jane, it seems as if the crime-fighting duo of Ophelia and Jules is next. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s Sweet/Vicious is the kind of earnest portrayal of rape culture in colleges that deserves a second season. However, due to ratings and MTV (understandably) wanting to make maximum profit from their scripted series it looks as if that might not be the case. Teen Wolf, one of MTV’s biggest scripted successes, is finishing its last season this year and The Shannara Chronicles and Scream have both been renewed for a respective second and third season. But if there might be a place for Sweet/Vicious on the network for a sophomore run, here’s why you should watch it. Continue reading “Sweet/Vicious: A Show Directly Criticising Rape Culture In American Colleges”